Free Kitchen Organization Printables

Free Printable Kitchen Organization Labels
Free Printable Kitchen Organization Labels

My main pet peeve in the kitchen is when things are disorganized. There is nothing worse than reaching for a spice or tool and find that it is empty or missing altogether.

We all have that cupboard or drawer that we lament. Yup, we’ll get to it eventually.

Well, eventually is finally here. We will help you finally get everything organized the way you want it.

Benefits of Better Kitchen Organization

  • Knowing what you have and where it is
  • Save time and money at the grocery store by not buying duplicates or having to run out to pick up what you are missing
  • Helping others in your home find things without needing to repeatedly ask

Labels Labels Labels

I label everything. That is not an exaggeration (check out my spice drawer).

I am one of those people who doesn’t like keeping cooking ingredients in its original packaging. I like to put them in clear containers or jars.

It is so much easier to see what’s in the jar and, more importantly, how much is left. But what about any directions that are normally written on the packaging? I create a label with the directions. Think cooking directions for things like oatmeal, rice, or quinoa.

This becomes really important if my directions actually differ from the packaging, due to the power of my stove or the humidity of my kitchen.

Because I use labels for more than just the name of the item, we have included a number of different label sizes. This will let you choose the shape and size you want to use for your purposes.

What Should I Print My Labels On?

Good question. At the risk of irritating all of the major label makers out there, I use regular computer paper.

This is not just because I don’t want to spend the extra money.

  • I can never manage to line up my printout with the sticky labels I bought
  • After a few months the label ends up stained and marked up
  • I can’t justify spending even more money on coated labels that don’t stain or get marked up
  • If I want to remove the labels, adhesive labels are a bear to take off
  • I use a variety of label sizes and don’t want to have to buy different sized label sheets
Free Printable Kitchen Organization Labels
Free Printable Kitchen Organization Labels

My Labels

I prefer to use regular computer paper and large rolls of SHIPPING tape. Not masking tape or scotch tape – it must be wide shipping tape. This tape stick so well and is virtually invisible.

Since it is so hard to see once on top of a label, I don’t bother trying to cut the tape to the same shape or size of my labels. I just make sure there is enough overhang to keep the label stuck to the jar or container or zip top bag.

The tape completely protects the label from spills and even moisture when used in the freezer.

If I absolutely need an adhesive label, which I have not yet, I have a stash of full page label paper that I would just print on and cut out the shapes.

Printable Labels

We have created a number of different designs that can be printed.

These labels do not need to only be used on the tops of jars. Use them wherever you like with whatever information you want on them.













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