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Peanut Butter Cookies

Cookery Nation is a website dedicated to making the art of cooking fun and easy for everyone.

I did not create this site just for those who already know how to cook. My aim is to help teach the written as well as those pesky “unwritten” rules that lead to cooking success.

I try to design the recipes and resources in a clean and uncluttered environment free of excess distractions


I have cooked for most my life. However, just because I could cook, doesn’t mean that I knew how to cook. I was able to get by, because there was always a frozen whatsit that could be thrown in the oven.

Double Chocolate Cookies

But, in early 2013, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Foods containing wheat, rye, and barley were now strictly forbidden. As a result, my old meal repertoire of boxed mac and cheese, frozen pizzas, and other pre-packaged food was no longer an option.

My only option was to get in the kitchen and cook from scratch. I soon came to realize how little I knew about cooking. I knew how to heat or reheat, but that was about it. What I needed was to learn how to cook.

Once I started tackling the fundamentals, I soon discovered an exciting world of flavours, ingredients, and techniques opened up that I had been missing out on all these years.

Looking back, the biggest stumbling block I encountered was finding resources to help me fully comprehend the cooking building blocks I was lacking. In the end I realized that the hurdles I encountered would be magnified for those with less experience, or other challenges. These revelations spurred me to create a resource that would address this gap.

I hope you enjoy what I have created and that it helps you during your cooking journey in some small way.

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