How to Bread

If you are a fan of deep fried food, knowing how to bread food is critical. This post will help you be a breading pro.

At it’s core, breading provides a barrier between the oil and the food. If the oil was in direct contact with the food, it would give the food a soggy and oily taste. For some recipes, like with stir frying, the food isn’t in contact with the oil for long enough. But, for deep frying, breading is almost required.

Luckily, all breadings follow the same basic three-step process: flour, then eggs, then breadcrumbs.

You can add spices to each step to infuse flavour when pan frying your food. You can even use other types of breading, like cheese based breading, and bake that flavour into the meat.

The following video by Kitchen Conundrums does a great job explaining the breading process.

We also have a wonderful video to help you learn how to deep fry safely. Be sure to check it out.


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