Newsletter Issue 8 June 2019

Cookery Nation Newsletter June 2019
Cookery Nation Newsletter June 2019

Welcome to the June, 2019 issue!

I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed May’s issue and are ready for a new issue with more new contributors.

I can not sing the praises enough of my amazing copy editors @Jane_DS and @ThePracticalEscapist Even though they are working hard on their own cooking streams, they find the time to help fix all of my mistakes. Thank you so much! Everyone reading this really needs to hit up these amazing streamers with a follow.This is our biggest issue ever. Pizza, cookies, salad, bagels, and so much more!

Since summer is finally here, and we have had such a busy few months, I have decided to take a much needed holiday. I will spend the next couple of months relaxing and smelling the roses with my family. We will be back working on the next issue of the newsletter in September. Rest assured that I will still be around on Discord and working on recipes for this site. You may even spot me in a streamer’s chat.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

To keep up to date on the newsletter, please follow me this blog.

If you are not a regular viewer of Twitch, or have never watched before, you are truly missing out. Come on by and have a look. We will greet you with open arms.

What is Inside this Issue

Articles / Recipes

  • Article & Infographics: DIY Mixes
  • Subscriber Signature Cookies – Double Chocolate Cookies
  • Vegan Village – VeganChikEater Fried Potato Tacos, the Impossible Burger, and more
  • MissMollyMakes – Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Mr. Cookery’s Beer Minute – See what he featured this month
  • ChefJohnReed – Every month Chef John shares one of his Cook Along recipes with us This month it is Gumbo Shrimp and Chicken.
  • Rattenni’s Kitchen – Diego shows us how to make Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Treat
  • TwoGirls1Game –  Maria shares with us her Spicy Turkey Zucchini Boats
  • ThePracticalEscapist – The substitution ingredient this month is cauliflower
  • LordBakington – Almond Wild Blueberry Tart is on the menu!
  • Streamer Profile – KitchenConfidence talks about his stream and his future goals

Welcome New Contributors!

  • Lulaboo – You need this Keto Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza in your life!
  • HappyChefTV – Just look at that plate of Spicy Sesame Meatballs.
  • Jane_Henry – Now you can learn how to make Okonomiyaki at home.
  • KattsKitche – Her Beef & Black Bean Chilli Stuffed Peppers with Pico De Gallo must be tried.
  • BohemianBreads – Learn how to make this gorgeous Focaccia at home.

Ways to View the Newsletter

  • You can view the newsletter in lovely “magazine style” online with this link. It is really pretty this way!
  • You can view and download a copy of the newsletter so you can read it whenever you want. Chrome browsers auto-download pdf files. If you don’t want that, go to your browser settings and turn that off.
  • Want to print out individual pages? Use this pdf

If you are a cooking streamer, and would like to contribute to the newsletter, please join my discord channel or use the contact form.

I would love to get any feedback you have so that I can keep doing what works and improve what doesn’t.

Reminder: the newsletter is completely free and there is no need to sign up to receive it.

Happy Cooking


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