Cookery Nation Podcast Episode 1


Welcome to the very first episode of Cookery Nation … the podcast.

We hope to have a lot of fun with this and  that the quality of the podcast will improve as we go, so stay tuned. Let’s dive into the show notes for this episode:

TWITCH.TV is an amazing livestreaming platform that showcases many outstanding cooking streamers. Please check out the Food and Drink category to explore the many talented cooking channels.
May 2019 Issue
Check out all the amazing recipes and articles found in this month’s issue.


Every episode, Mr. Cookery and I discuss two food ingredients that start with a specific letter. Today, being the first episode, is the letter A.


  • Seed-grown asparagus results in a 50/50 mix of male and female plants. The flowers look slightly different between the two and the female plants produce a red berry, a diversion of energy from vegetative growth that makes them less productive per acre. For this reason, the main commercial asparagus varieties are genetic male clones.
  • Asparagus is a member of the lily family and is related to garlic, onions, and leeks.
  • It takes nearly 3 years after asparagus has been planted to reach maturity so that it can be harvested for the full season.
  • White asparagus and green asparagus come from the same plant! Exposure to sunlight turns the stalks green.  When dirt is piled on top of the plant, photosynthesis is inhibited and the stalks remain white.
We actually tried asparagus for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We will post a lovely lemon garlic asparagus recipe so you can try them too. This is a great recipe that is easy and delicious.


  • agar-agar is a jelly-like substance, obtained from seaweed
  • a vegetarian substitute for gelatin, a thickener for soups, in fruit preserves, ice cream, and other desserts, as a clarifying agent in brewing, and for sizing paper and fabrics
  • when used in food, it comes in a few forms: powder, sticks and strips
  • Needs to be mixed with liquid and then brought to a boil it will set as it cools down



Today’s beer highlight is: Inukshuk IPA

Mr. Cookery is a huge supporter of the local craft beer industry and hopes everyone support their local brewers. Drinking a good quality beer is an experience to be enjoyed. Drink responsibly and enjoy every drop.


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Mr. Cookery and I are doing a fun little food related quiz.

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