At the beginning of January, we started a new feature that has been a lot of fun. It is called “Cookbook Cookery”.

What is Cookbook Cookery?

  • Every month, I choose a new cookbook to focus on over the next 4 weeks
  • Each Tuesday, I cook one or more recipes from the chosen cookbook while streaming LIVE
  • I do not test the recipes prior to streaming. They are all new to me and I do this so that we can test the ease of the recipe
  • At the end of the 4 weeks, I decide whether I would recommend the cookbook

I decided to focus 4 weeks on one cookbook because I think it takes more than one recipe to decide if a cookbook is worth having on the bookshelf.

I still love having actual cookbooks on the shelf – as opposed to digital copies. Thumbing through them is my favourite way to decide what to make. But, cookbooks can be quite expensive. Cookbook Cookery allows me and my followers to dive deeper into each cookbook and then decide if it is worth purchasing.

April’s Focus Cookbook

Seriously Good Freezer Meals
Seriously Good Freezer Meals

This month’s book is Karrie Truman’s Seriously Good Freezer Meals. I chose this book for a few reasons:

  • Like most people, I am insanely busy and really wish I could have easy meals ready to go
  • I have avoided freezer meals thinking it was such a daunting task
  • I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through the process

Here is What We Made

Seriously Good Freezer Meals
Seriously Good Freezer Meals
  1. Venezuelan Beef
  2. Rosemary Brown Sugar Pork Chops and Garlic Herb Smashed Potatoes
  3. Herbs de Province Chicken
  4. Great Northern Enchiladas
Seriously Good Freezer Meal
Seriously Good Freezer Meal
  1. 7 Freezer Meals in a Day
  2. 7 Freezer Meals in a Day
  3. Coconut Cashew Basil Curry Soup
  4. Chicken Strips
  5. Churros
  6. Deep Fried Pickles

My Thoughts

Ok, I am going to let you know right away that this book is a winner. No beating around the bush this time.

I have to say that not only did this cookbook make freezer meal prep simple, it made me excited to get started. I felt totally at ease and raring to get organized. It is a definite buy for anyone who just wants to do a few meals in advance or go all in and do 50 days worth of meals.


The things that made this cookbook stand out for me:

  • All of the information (faqs really) at the beginning answered all of the questions I have about freezer meals
  • The charts are easy to follow and a fantastic reference
  • Karrie provides a step by step guide for preparing 7, 30, and 50 meals. These guides are literally STEP BY STEP. They include: the recipes; the shopping list; what to write on the freezer containers; and the order to do things
  • The Bulk Batch Guides that accompany every recipe is amazing. No more trying to figure out how to double, triple, quadruple a recipe

The only thing I would want from this book is more recipes.

My Favourites

The whole experience was so fun, but my favourites were:

  • Rosemary Brown Sugar Pork Chops (Omg, that sauce)
  • Herbs de Province Chicken
  • Boneless BBQ Ribs
  • Great Northern Enchiladas

The Verdict

Cookery Nation Approved
Cookery Nation Approved


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