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Note: Due to health issues, I will not be able to stream until further notice.

I will let you all know if this changes.


I have been having so much fun broadcasting live video on Twitch TV. Broadcasting live through twitch allows me to:

  • Demonstrate recipe live in real time
  • Answer questions as they arise in the live chat
  • Build a supportive community of others who enjoy cooking or want to learn more about cooking

We have developed a schedule to make viewing the streams easier:

Tuesday, 2:30 pm (EST)

Tuesday’s stream will focus on cooking recipes from a specific cookbook. A new cookbook is chosen at the beginning of each month.

Thursday, 2:30 pm (EST)

Thursday’s stream focuses on preparing a full meal from start to finish.

For many people, bring an entire meal together can be quite intimidating. This stream will help demonstrate how this can be done. Plenty of tips and tricks are covered throughout the stream.

Friday, 2:30 pm (EST)

Fridge Clearing Friday

Have you ever opened your fridge and just stood there confused about what to make? Yup, me too. I see lots of food, but have no idea what to make with all of the odds and sods.

Fridge Clearing Friday forces me to figure it out on the fly. I do not prepare anything in advance of the stream. It is truly improv cooking at its best.

The goal of this stream is help myself and other save money and waste less by using what ingredients are already available in the fridge.

Our Discord Server

In addition to our scheduled live stream broadcasts, we also have a private chat server where we can chat when I am not streaming. There is lots that can be done on the server:

  • Share recipes
  • Share pictures of tasty meals
  • Ask questions
  • Share resources

This server is full of supportive and helpful people. Follow this link to join the server.

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