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We are having so much fun on Twitch. One of the biggest things that make it awesome is our chat. I try to include lots of fun things to entertain all of us. Here are some commands you can use while in chat:

Here are some useful commands:

  • !menu – What is Cookery Nation cooking up today?
  • !uptime – How long has the stream has been up?
  • !hertime – What time is it for Cookery Nation?
  • !discord – Cookery’s discord link
  • !social – All of Cookery’s social media links
  • !facebook – Cookery’s facebook link
  • !instagram – Cookery’s instagram link
  • !loud – Good for warning those wearing headsets that things are going to get loud

Have Fun with Our Kitty Mascot

Chat has voted and our kitty mascot’s name is BACON.

  • !feed – Feed the kitty
  • !dance – Kitty will dance
  • !oops – Type this when Cookery Nation makes a mistake
  • Typing words like:
    • troll
    • bacon
    • lurk
    • hungry
    • hype
    • patience

… will make the kitty respond. Give it a try.

Show the Love!

  • !hype
  • !subhype
  • !hosthype
  • !love
  • !mymods

Let’s Play

  • !cookies – See how many cookies you have to play games
  • !duel – Challenge a fellow chatter to a duel
  • !slot – Play the slots
  • !joke – See the silliest jokes ever
  • !weather – Check the weather in a specific place

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