Featuring Livestreams

Featuring Livestreams
Cookery Nation Twitch
Cookery Nation Twitch

As many of you know, I have decided to switch things up a bit at Cookery Nation.

First and foremost, I moved the site away from self-hosting. I did this so that I could devote less time to website maintenance and more to developing content for the site.

The other big change is my decision to start live streaming through Twitch.tv.

For those unfamiliar with Twitch, it was started as a platform for gamers to stream while they played video games. Boy have things changed.

Now Twitch is a community of streamers that stream so many different things:

  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Art
  • Crafts

Yup, it has a wonderful array of cooking streams from all over the world.

After lurking for a while, I was thrilled to see what an amazing community it is. Streamers set their own rules for their channels and have the power to kick people off their channels if they do not follow the rules.

I have noticed that the majority of streams insist on people being nice, supportive and respectful of everyone in the chat room. This is a monumental difference from Facebook and Youtube.

This is essentially why I chose Twitch over streaming anywhere else.

My goal is to create a cooking channel that is a cooperative, supportive environment where everyone can get together and learn a thing or two about cooking.

How Does it Work

In a nutshell, I stream for as long as it takes to make a recipe or a meal. This could be 30 minutes or 4 hours. It really depends on what I am making. But, viewers can come and go whenever they like. If they are not able to stay for the entire stream, that’s fine. The video will be posted later so that it can be viewed whenever is convenient.

During the live stream, viewers are able to chat with me and everyone else in real-time. This is a great opportunity to ask questions as we go along. It can be a huge help in building a supportive community that enjoy cooking or want to learn more about cooking.

Streams can be viewed without having to register on Twitch. But, if you want to participate in the chat, which I highly recommend, you will need to register. Don’t worry, it is quick and easy.

What About Discord?



I’m glad you asked. “Discord” is a chatting application (very much like a forum) that I have connected to my Cookery Nation’s Twitch channel. It is a private “Cookery Nation Only” server where we can all get together when I am not live streaming. The beauty of Discord is that it is also heavily moderated to make sure that trolls or those who want to be rude or obnoxious stay out of our community.

It is a great place to connect and chat without the worry of politics or rudeness getting in the way.

Within Discord, you can:

  • Discuss any of the live streams
  • Ask questions about anything cooking related
  • Show off pictures of meals you have made or enjoyed

Discord is a great option, especially for those who have opted out of other social media platforms. It keeps our discussions contained and out of the public eye.

Come Join Us

I would love to see you during our live streams and in our Discord server. To view the live streams, just visit the channel. There is no requirement to join Twitch to watch during a live stream or to watch archived videos. If you want to chat, you will need to register. But it is quick and easy to do.

To join us on Discord, follow the link and register with Discord. It is also very simple and quick.

Once you are registered, you will receive notifications of when I am live streaming or in the Discord server.

I also have a regular schedule to help make it predictable.

NOTE: There is absolutely no charge to join Twitch or my Discord server. This is very important to me. I have worked really hard to keep all of my services and resources free and accessible to everyone. If you view channels through mobile, without an ad blocker, you may see an ad at the beginning of a video. To have the ad removed, you can subscribe to Twitch. This is absolutely not necessary though. Just watch the ad and move on to the video.

I think this will be a lot of fun and I look forward to connecting with everyone is a pleasant and supportive environment.

I hope to see you there.

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