Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes

We recently did a post talking all about chickpeas and the many ways they can be cooked.

This is one of them. This recipe shows how to cook crepes using chickpea flour (also known as gram flour, besan, and other names).

Gram crepes are a fantastic option if you are looking for a tender, flexible wrap for both sweet or savory fillings. These crepes:

  • Are naturally gluten-free and vegetarian
  • Are very high in protein and fiber
  • Are very filling

Win, win, win.

The batter is a typical “socca” batter, which is equal parts chickpea flour and water, plus a bit of salt and oil.

The batter can be left like this, or additional spices can be added before cooking.


  • Be sure to allow the batter to rest for at least 30 minutes before using. This helps the chickpea flour absorb the water
  • I like to store my flour in the freezer. If you do the same, measure the flour and then briefly warm it in the microwave or a warm oven before adding the water
  • After the batter has rested, I like to skim off any foam that is on top of the batter
  • This batter can be made and then stored in the fridge for up to 3 days
  • Warm a flat bottomed pan slowly until it is very hot. If the pan is heated to quickly, it may heat unevenly. This will make the crepes stick to the pan
  • If the pan has been heated properly, it only needs to be greased once. There is no need to add more oil before each crepe is cooked. Use oil or cooking spray to grease the pan once it is pre-heated
  • Store each cooked crepe in a tortilla warmer or between two clean tea towels. This will ensure that the crepes soften and keep warm
  • These crepes are best served fresh, but can be stored in the fridge for a day or two
  • Freezing these crepes is easy as long as they are separated with paper towel or parchment paper

These crepes can be used in so many ways:

  • Fill them with typical sandwich or wrap fillings
  • Use them like quesadillas and add cheese and other fillings. Pan fry or grill to melt the cheese and make the crepes crispy
  • Cut up the crepes and bake or deep fry to make crispy chips or crackers

The sky is the limit as far as the possibilities for this humble little batter. Mastering this will provide you with endless possibilities for creating tasty and nutritious dishes.



Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Gram Crepes are soft and pliable.

Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes

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Servings Prep/Cook Time Rest Time
6 Crepes 20 minutes 30 minutes

Recipe Notes

  • Measurement Note: 128 grams of Chickpea Flour is about 1 Cup, 250 milliliters of Water is about 1 Cup. You can really use any container to measure the flour and water, as long as it is equal parts.
  • Add other spices to the batter if you like
  • Can be served with sweet or savory fillings


  • 128 grams (1 Cup) Chickpea Flour
  • 250 mililitres (1 Cup) Water
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Salt
  • Tablespoon Olive Oil


Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Gather your ingredients.


Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Place chickpea flour, salt, water and oil in a bowl and whisk until smooth.


Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Cover bowl and allow to rest for at least 30 minutes (up to 2 hours on the counter). If making it ahead of time for the next day, place it in the fridge.


Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Remove cover and skim off foam (optional).


Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
Slowly warm a pan until it is very hot. Grease lightly with oil or cooking spray. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter into the centre of the pan and turn the pan until the batter covers the bottom of the pan in a very thin layer. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes until bottom is browned. Flip crepe and cook for another minute or so, until bottom is lightly browned


Just like with tortillas, place the cooked crepes in a tortilla warmer or between clean tea towels to keep them warm and to help soften them.
Gram (Chickpea Flour) Crepes
You can now use the crepes; as a wrap; or fill and grill; or deep fry. So many uses!
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