Quick and Easy Microwave Polenta

This week we are going to learn about polenta.

Polenta is a staple in many parts of the world. Not unlike potatoes or rice are in other parts.

Many people look to create variety with the staples they normally use, but don’t think to give polenta a try.

The beauty of polenta is that it is very much like rice. It acts as a great base for other foods whether sweet or savory. I have had it as a sweet breakfast (cooked in coconut milk and topped with fresh peaches and a dollop of yogurt), and a savory supper (salted polenta topped with roast beef and gravy).

This challenge will help demystify polenta and show many ways to cook it.



  • Before you can cook polenta, learn what it is
  • Want to cook it the traditional stovetop way, check out the recipe and video
  • Don’t have a lot of time? You can cook polenta in the microwave


Now it is your turn to start the challenge!

  • Review the information above.
  • If you don’t already have cornmeal on hand, pick up some medium cornmeal. You may also want to give “Instant” polenta a try.
  • Experiment with both sweet and savory polenta dishes. Don’t forget to try pan frying or baking some solid polenta.


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