Benefits of Premade Mixes
Benefits of Premade Mixes

This week we are focusing on DIY Mixes, those fabulous time savers that make recipes come together so quickly.

Scanning the grocery store shows us hundreds, if not thousands, of products designed to save us time in the kitchen.

  • Cake, brownie, muffin, cookie mixes
  • Seasoned rice mixes
  • Pasta mixes
  • Spice blend
  • And many more

So what do all these products have in common?

  • They all combine the necessary pre-measured dry ingredients into one package, and
  • They include instructions about other ingredients that we may need to add (ie. eggs, oil, milk)

Yes, they are huge time savers, but this convenience comes at a high cost. They are expensive!

The wonderful thing is that these companies have shown us how to do it on our own. At a fraction of the cost.

It is quite simple:

  • Find your favourite recipes that include dry ingredients that need to be combined at the same time
  • Gather the dry ingredients and place in storage container or bag
  • Label the container with:
    • Recipe Name
    • Date
    • Additional instructions

Note: A recipe that calls for adding certain dry ingredients at different times (ie. place flour in bowl, stir in milk, then add sugar) won’t work

This challenge is very simple, but will have a huge impact on your cooking.


  • This article covers all you need to know about making your own DIY Dry Mixes. It also has a great infographic.


Now it is your turn to start the challenge!

  • Review the information above.
  • Check your favourite recipes to see if you can make your own dry mix from the dry ingredients.


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