Cooking Challenge: All About Oats

Cooking Challenge: All About Oats
All About Oats
All About Oats

This week’s challenge is all about oats.

Anyone looking to cook oatmeal quickly notices the vast array of oat options at the grocery store. “Old Fashion, Steel Cut, Quick, Instant” … oh my.

This challenge helps you to finally understand what it all means.

You will learn about what makes each oat product different and how to substitute oats in recipes.



  • Learn about the different types of oats. Buying the right one makes all the difference.
  • Hearty Homemade Oatmeal recipe. (Make a basic rolled oat oatmeal)
  • We also did a live stream video discussing oats and showing how to make the basic oatmeal in real time.



Now it is your turn to start the challenge!

  • Review the information above and get started.
  • Use the recipes to make your own oatmeal. Try your hand at making variations with different toppings or add-ins.


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