Cooking Challenge: Getting Organized

Cooking Challenge: Getting Organized

Free Printable Kitchen Organization Labels

Let’s start the year off right – by getting organized!

Grab the bull by the horns and tackle that pantry or other kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Throw out food or spices that are expired
  • Get rid of those pesky empty bags or containers
  • Transfer some pantry items into jars or containers and label them

Don’t worry about redoing your entire kitchen. Do it in small chunks. Pick one cupboard or drawer this week, and then come back and do other sections when you have some extra time.


  • Printable Labels: Many useful labels for your newly organized pantry or cupboards
  • My Spice Drawer: Have a look at my spice draw
  • Watch the video to get extra tips and have a sneak peek at my kitchen



Now it is your turn to start the challenge!

  • Review the information above and get started getting organized.


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