Printable Cooking Time Savers

Wherever possible, I like to be as efficient as possible. Let’s face it, we all want to work smarter, not harder.

This is where these printables come in.

They are specifically designed to get you both organized and lessen your workload when it comes time to cook.

As with any organization tool, it takes a bit of work up front, but pays off when you need them to do their job.

The following are printables available right now.

Spice Recipe Cards

We have quite a few spice blend recipes on the site. These are a fantastic time saver because you can just use one spice blend in a recipe instead of many individual spices.

This is great, but what happens when you have to refill your spice blend jar? I usually end up visiting the recipe page or looking it up on one of my Pinterest boards. The worst is when I am just too lazy to do that. That’s when the spice blend just doesn’t get made.

We created printables to solve this problem. One page has most of my spice blend recipes already filled in. There are a few blank cards included.

Once printed, simply cut them out, stack them and staple them together. Keep them in your spice cabinet and they will always be handy when you need to refill your jars.

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Freezer Labels

Ahh the freezer. The best invention and worst at keeping organized. Sometimes I think it is just an empty pit where we send things to die. Especially when we drop the ball with doing our organizational part.

Well, we are here to help out with a little label jewel. It is a freezer label that let’s you fill in the name, date frozen, and any instructions for thawing or cooking.

This will prove invaluable if you follow our advice about making freezer meals out of extra cooked meal portions or leftovers.

This printable has both large and smaller labels. If you are printing on regular computer paper, you can protect your label in a number of ways:

  • Tape the label to the freezer container or bag with strong, clear packing tape (cover the label completely with tape)
  • Cover the label with plastic wrap or a clear sandwich bag and place inside the freezer bag or container you are using

Click the Download link to open and save it to your computer.


DIY Mix Labels

This is another gem in the same vein as the freezer labels. I use this trick all of the time.

Whenever I come across a recipe that includes the instruction to: “combine the wet and dry ingredients”, I pull out my handy dandy DIY Mix Label. I just do what the major packaged food manufacturers do: I package up the dry ingredients and document the rest of the instructions.

  • Combine the dry ingredients from the recipe and place in a storage bag or container
  • Pull out the label and write down the other ingredients (the wet ones) that will later need to be combined and then added
  • Jot down how it is cooked (ie. Cook for 20 min in a 400F oven)
  • Attach the label to the bag or container with the dry ingredients in it. (I use strong, clear packing tape)
  • The next time you want to make this recipe, half of the work is already done for you

Bonus time saver: Before I tape the label to the bag, I jot down the dry ingredients used in the mix onto the back of the label. If I want to refill the freezer bag with another batch of mix, all of the information I need is on the front and back of the label – no need to look up the recipe!

My family is amazed when I am able to whip up batches of cornbread or waffles so quickly.

Commercial food manufacturers usually include additional preservatives and the like to extend the shelf life of their boxed mixes. I just throw mine in the freezer. This will keep them from going stale.

The first image is an example of my card for my cornbread recipe. The second image is the printable with large and smaller labels available.

In-A-Pinch Meal Ideas

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out. Timings are off, things break, or we just forget to take the meat out to thaw. We end up faced with the dilemma about what to make in a short amount of time. We end up gazing into the fridge pondering how to combine random food to make a meal.

As long as you have filled this out ahead of time, you will always be prepared for the inevitable scattered day.

This printable will help you deal with such a dilemma.

The key to this printable is to sit and think about what meals you could make “In-A-Pinch”. Consider meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less and that require staple ingredients that you are likely to have on hand. You can even considering buying food specifically for these meals and stash them away in the back of the cupboard or freezer. You can even label them “Reserved for In-A-Pinch Meals”.

Some ideas may include:

  • Soup and sandwiches
  • Breakfast for supper
  • Fritata
  • Wraps
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