Other Useful Free Printables

Other Useful Printables
Other Useful Printables

This post contains more useful kitchen and cooking printables.

They are especially useful if you decide to use a binder to hold all of your resources.

Binder Cover

This is a handy thing to have if you are creating a binder. Currently we have one design, but more will be uploaded down the road.

Once printed, simply tape or slide it into the from of a binder.

Click the image you want to download.

Recipe Printables

The following are 4 different recipe cards that can be printed. Simply click on the one you want to save or print.

Misc Resources

These printables include:

  • Freezer Inventory: Perfect for keeping track of everything in the freezer. This becomes more important once you start making freezer meals for when you are pressed for time.
  • My Cooking Tips & Tricks: This is a great place to jot down notes specific to your cooking environment. Do you have an oven that cooks hotter than most? This will affect cooking time and can be noted here. Have you found a food substitute that you love? Jot it down.
  • My Favourite Meals: This is great for when you are meal planning and want to include your favourites. Keep a running list and add to it when you have a new favourite.
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