Wheat Flour Alternatives

Flour Alternatives
Flour Alternatives

Many people are looking for wheat flour alternatives. Whether do to dietary restrictions or just a desire to experiment.

Although these flours are wheat-free, they are not all gluten-free. It is meant as an overview and a clarification for what is and is not gluten-free.

Many of the flours that include “Quick bread” uses can also be used to to make flat breads, crepes, crackers, cookies and the like.

We have found that Buckwheat (not Kasha) has been the best for substituting one for one with wheat flour. This works particularly well when gluten is not required. Gluten is primarily required when making pastas, breads, and other doughs that need gluten activation.

Cookies, quick breads, crackers, pancakes and the like, do not require gluten activation to work. In these cases Buckwheat is our go to flour.

Flour Protein Gluten? Taste Uses
Almond High No Like almonds (mild, sweet and nutty) Breads, cookies and pastry
Barley Low Yes Earthy with a mild sweet flavour Quick breads, cookies
Buckwheat High No Earthy flavour that is mild and slightly sweet Quick bread, noodles, dumplings, crepes
Kasha (roasted buckwheat groats) High No Very strong earthy/woody flavour Quick bread, noodles, dumplings, crepes
Chickpea (garbanzo, gram, and besan) High No Mild, and neutral tasting Quick breads, yeast breads
Corn Low No Nutty, corn flavour Quick breads, yeast breads
Millet High No Mild, with a slightly nutty flavour Quick breads, crumbly food (best combined with corn, oat and rye flour)
Oat High No (but unsuitable for celiacs) Sweet and earthy Quick breads, cookies, year breads
Quinoa High No Mild, with a nutty flavour Quick breads, yeast breads, pairs well with corn, oat, barley and buckwheat flour.
Rice Low No Mild with an earthy (for white rice) or nutty (for brown rice) Quick breads, dumplings and noodles
Rye Low Yes Earthy, mildness is based on fineness. Quick bread and yeast bread
Coconut Low No Light coconut flavour Cookies, crackers. Very dry flour that requires a lot of liquid.

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