How to Break Down a Chicken

How to Break Down a Chicken
How to Break Down a Chicken

Chicken is enjoyed in most parts of the world. For good reason. It is versatile and takes on flavours extremely well.

Buying a whole chicken is great for preparing roast chicken, but sometimes it can be economical to buy whole chickens and break them down yourself.

When whole chickens go on sale, consider buying extra and breaking them down into parts. Buying these parts separately can be a lot more expensive than simply doing the butchery yourself.

The following video, created by helps demystify the process of breaking down a chicken.

Pay attention to the video, especially how he is cutting the meat, or more specifically how he is not cutting the meat. You may notice that he actually cuts into the meat very rarely. The sign of good butchering is having whole muscles, where all cuts are made to separate the muscles.

This also shows how important proper knife care is. If your knife is dull, it may slip and cut into the meat instead of cutting alongside the meat.

Once done, be sure to properly clean and store your knife after you are done.

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