Ice Cream Makers

Maple Walnut Ice Cream
Maple Walnut Ice Cream

Making ice cream is surprisingly easy, especially if you have a machine. Although a machine is not absolutely necessary, it does make it so much easier and convenient.

We started making ice cream a few years ago and have never looked back. Making it at home has many benefits:

  • Saves money
  • Better quality
  • Ability to customize to our own tastes

Luckily, ice cream makers are now available for home use at a very reasonable price. But, there are many types of ice cream makers. I prefer using an electric ice cream maker.

Tips for Using an Electric Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

We use a Cuisinart canister ice cream maker and have learned a few things. Here are some tips based on the type of maker we use.

  • Make sure that the bowl is frozen completely before making a batch
  • Store the bowl in the freezer so it will be ready when you are
  • Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the top when storing in the freezer so that the inside does not collect ice crystals
  • If it is really warm in my house, I place a bath towel over the top of the machine to keep it cold throughout the process. Sometimes I will even take it to the basement where it is always cooler
  • When the process is done, it will still be the consistency of “soft serve”. It will finish hardening after a few hours in the freezer
  • To keep the ice cream fresh, and avoid ice crystals from forming, I put the ice cream in a large freezer bag instead of a plastic container
  • A word of caution: I have heard that the ice cream buckets can break easily. When handling it be careful not to bang it on the counter or in the sink. I have used mine for over 3 years and have not broken it yet, but because I have heard it is delicate, I am extra careful
  • If you realize that you like to make a few batches at a time, or you break the bowl, extra or replacement bowls can be bought


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