How to Deep Fry

Cookery Nation focuses a lot on safety. We do this so that cooks can prevent injury to themselves or their equipment. It also helps demystify some of the processes that may seem complicated.

Deep frying definitely deserves some attention. Many people either deep fry unsafely, or are too intimidated to deep fry. We hope that this post will remind you of the safety concerns and make it less intimidating.

Oil is an odd thing. Oil can actually burn, and produce smoke. This smoke means not only that your oil will be make the food taste terrible, but it can be carcinogenic.

Also, hot oil will burn you much worse than hot water. Not only can oil become hotter than water, but it will stick to your skin, and will not wash away with easily or quickly.

Handling hot oil properly is very important. The Culinary Institute of America has created the following video explaining how to safely deep fry.

If you follow the instructions and safety guidelines, deep frying can be a very good way of cooking food. One thing to note: some of the oil will be absorbed by the food, and oil is nearly 100% pure fat. So, don’t go overboard on the deep fried foods.

After you have learnt how to safely deep fry, check out our video How to Bread Anything.

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