Flip the chicken again and check the temperature. It should be between 165 ºF and 170 ºF.

Temperature is an important part of cooking, fire is often cited as the one innovation that jump-started human’s evolution as a whole.

Nowadays, we have much more sophisticated methods of heating our food, and can more accurately control its temperature.

Sometimes it seems like we have a never ending supply of recipes to choose from. But, once we dig in we see that we are stumped by the way that the recipe calls for temperatures.

  • Gas Mark
  • Fahrenheit
  • Celsius
  • Terms instead of degree measurement

Thankfully, there is no need to abandon the recipe altogether. Simply convert the temperature or term to one that you are more familiar with.

Below is a graphic showing the most commonly used temperatures and terms.

Common Cooking Temperatures and Terms By Cookery Nation
Common Cooking Temperatures and Terms

Common Cooking Temperatures and Terms

Temperature at… Celsius Fahrenheit Gas Mark
Freezer storage -18 0 N/A
Water freezes 0 32 N/A
Refrigerator 4 40 N/A
Room temperature 20-22 68-72 N/A
Water boils 100 212 N/A
Very cool oven 110 225 14
Cool oven 120 250 12
Very slow oven 140 275 1
Slow oven 150 300 2
Low oven 160 325 3
Moderate oven 180 350 4
Moderately hot oven 190 375 5
Hot oven 200-220 400-425 6 – 7
Very hot oven 230-240 450-475 8 – 9
Extremely hot oven 260 500 9
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