Produce Rippening
Produce Rippening

Fruits and vegetables can be tricky edibles. Either they are unripe and not ready to be eaten, or they are overripe and it is too late to eat them.

When this occurs it is based on several factors:

  • the type of produce
  • how old it is
  • the temperature it is stored in
  • the humidity level

Luckily, we can manipulate how long it takes for produce to ripen, either slowing down the process or speeding it up for sooner consumption.

As a general rule:

  • heat increases the speed of ripening,
  • cold slows the speed of ripening.

So, a fridge will slow down how long it takes for a fruit to ripen, but allow it to stay good for longer. But, as shown in the infographic, some fruits don’t like the fridge, and may deteriorate.

A Guide To Produce Ripening Infographic

Image via: A Guide To Produce Ripening Infographic

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